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Protect your photos with watermarks

Happy that your photos are safe online hidden behind aggressive watermarking? Maybe it’s time to reconsider. New Google research shows that a lot of watermarks, including those used by major stock websites, can be easily removed automatically by computers. But there’s a way to prevent it.

More on this is at this link – this does require a bit of skill with either Photoshop or Elements.



Word 2016 Tables

This tutorial shows how to create and modify tables in Word 2016.  You can even do calculations in a table (fairly easy, not recommended for anything complex, it is recommended that you do the table – with formulas – and copy/paste into Word)

Mail Merge – Word and Excel 2016

Doing a mail merge in Word has been the same since version 2002.  Using the wizard, a demonstration of a letter and creating labels is performed.  If you’re merging with an Excel file and have zip codes that begin with a 0, a New England zip code such as 06024 will show up as 6024.  Instructions on how to work around this are demonstrated in this video.


Access 2016 – filter data, create a query

The beauty of Access is that you can narrow down thousands of records to a small number of items that match your target.  You can either quickly filter data down that will show results or create queries that will constantly be updated as new data is entered in the database.

Intro to Access Databases

Databases are very powerful – you can narrow down thousands of records down to a few as you target  your search of data – useful for business, those analyzing demographics, or attempting to forecasting trends.

These videos are a supplement to classes being taught.

This video shows tables, creating relationships. Add data from an existing spreadsheet to an Access table (you will see some mistakes which often can occur even for experienced users!). Filter data in a table, add fields to a table, and creation of a simple query.

Photo Art – fitting an irregular sized photo into a standard frame.

Photo Artistry – adding elements to a photo and adjusting it to fit inside a standard sized frame. This is useful to know if you have an irregular photo (i.e. 7 x 4) and you want it to fit in a standard 8 x 10 frame.

A few design tips are also included so that you can make the photo really pop in the frame – great way to make gifts for friends as the holidays will be arriving sooner than we think!

Formatting 101 – Word 365

Discover the basics of fonts, point sizes, borders, shading and more in this tutorial – Word 2016 is very similar in this fashion with earlier versions.   This video demonstrates these features.