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Introduction to Adobe Acrobat

If you are fortunate to have Adobe Acrobat (part of the Creative Cloud suite or can be rented separately) there are many things that can be done with it.  Even if you have an older version (owned, not rented), there are still many things you can do with it.

This video demonstrates the basics of reducing file size (great for PDFs that are to be online), deleting/extracting pages, rotating images, working with the many tools, editing the PDF with comments, highlighting, searching text.


Alternate headers/footers in Word

Many of you probably realize how Word has made things more complicated with too many choices, options, etc.  In this video, discover how to do a multi-page document where the cover page does not have a number, yet subsequent pages will start as page 1, and having alternate headers or footers for odd and even pages.

This video was done in version 2016 yet is applicable to earlier editions of the software.

Work like a pro with MS Office – class in Greenwich, CT starts 3/15

Regardless of the version you have of the software – PC or MAC – there is so much to learn with MS Office – in this 8 week class, discover many shortcuts, tips, and more working with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.  Either take all the sessions or sign up for individual classes – information at their website.

You may wish to check all the other classes on the Greenwich website – so much easier to learn from a human than poking and struggling when  you have a teacher who’ll help you when you get stuck!

Classes start March 15 – register early as class size is limited.

InDesign CC – adding text/images, # pages

InDesign Creative Cloud – story jumps, adding text, add page #, adding a graphic

This video covers the following topics: (should work with earlier versions of InDesign)

  1. Adding text from an existing document in several columns and converting one column to several
  2. story jumps (page continued on …. or continued from….)
  3. add an image and wrapping text around it
  4. numbering pages

Get Stylish with Word Styles

Styles in Word are great – you can do practically instant formatting with fonts, vertical spacing, tabs, and much, much more.  By using styles and modifying them, you can (almost) instantly redesign a document.  Done in Word 2016, much of what is shown in the video applies to earlier versions.

This video demonstrates the basic features – I’ll be doing a more advanced one in a few weeks – stay tuned (ps, to stay on top of my videos, you can always subscribe to my video channel!)

Password protect a Word 2016 document

Even if the document is not exactly top-secret, you may wish to prevent nosy eyes from looking at documents.

Make sure you have strong passwords – don’t use something like “password” (ugh), and you cannot get an email reminder if you forget it!  This short video demonstrates how to do this.

Create an Excel Template

We often may need the same template to create an invoice, expense report, inventory report, etc.  Rather than hoping to do a “save as” (which we often forget to do), create a template!  This video shows the saving process, opening the template, and even how to delete one that is no longer needed.  The skills for this template also apply to PowerPoint and Word.  This video was done in version 2016/office 365.

FYI, older versions were much simpler to delete a template (all you had to do was right click on the icon for the template and select delete) – not as simple anymore yet relatively straightforward.