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Resolve to increase PC literacy in 2018

Many of you may prefer to learn stuff online – it is convenient, can get it immediately.  However, classes offer human interaction and a detailed explanation in case you need assistance and/or feedback.

This link provides you with a list of upcoming classes this winter/spring of 2018!

Happy new year!


EXCEL – countifs – counting multiple criteria

In this example, a gradebook is counting up two different criteria – both absence (abs) and tardiness (late) as marked in book.  Rather than manually counting these entries, this formula makes automates the process.  In addition, either a reward for good attendance can be added to the final grade or a penalty can be deducted for those with poor attendance.   I’ve also included the file if you wish to follow along.

excel file


Create formulas in Word tables

Although I’d recommend doing calculations in Excel and copy/paste into Word, this video (done in 2007 yet still 100% relevant to the most current versions) demonstrates the methodology.

I would not suggest using complex formulas as you have to think out the cell reference, i.e. B8 by counting rows and columns manually


Word – mail merge

With the holidays coming up, you may be writing some letters, addressing some envelopes or need to create labels.  The methodology has been the same since version 2002 – 15 years now!  Some things do stay the same (whew)!

Please note that if you have a list in Excel and the zip codes begin with a 0, (which you formatted as a zip code in Excel), save the file as a CSV (comma separated value) – the 0 won’t appear yet it will appear correctly in the merged document.


Un-Ugly a Word Document

Have you ever seen a document (typically done in Word) that looked like a ransom note?  And you got it from your boss, coworker, a client, or a combination of all the above?  And they need it cleaned up asap – between fonts, text moving all over the place, etc.  Fear not!  This video tutorial shows a few tips on how to save the day!


Excel 2016 – mixed references

Understanding absolute and relative references in Excel is critical.  You can either lock in a cell address in a formula with the F4 key (PC) or CMT T (mac).  You can also lock in a row or a column.  Video details this:


Access – create a customized form

This demonstrates creating a form that is customized with fonts, colors, and re-ordering data entry form as well as repositioning the data fields for legibility. This will work with earlier versions such as 2013.