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Excel PMT function

This was done in version 2016/365 = will work with previous versions.

Google Docs – import/export files

More and more people are using Google Docs – files are portable and can be opened any place where there is an internet connection and a computer.

This video shows how to both import and export.  Please note that Google Docs does not have the power of Word which you will see.  However, if files are kept relatively simple (i.e. no excessive formatting or special features), things will work very good.  You can also export the Docs file to a PDF format.

Excel – filter data

This video uses Excel 2016 – will work with any version back to version 2007.  It shows you how to take a large amount of data and narrow it down – in this example, we can look at the number of projects each person did at an appraisal company and find their earnings.  In addition, data can be filtered down from hundreds (if not thousands) of records down to a few by searching different captions or field names.


If you’re not early, you’re late

(unknown – let me know who said that) pu

Customizing a PowerPoint

Sometimes you may wish to customize a theme with special fonts, bullets, graphics so that you don’t have to reformat an entire presentation.  By customizing the slide master, changes that you make will appear throughout the entire presentation.  This video shows how to customize the font and/or bullets, add a graphic (such as a logo to brand the presentation).

Shutterfly – sharing photos

For those of you who enjoy creating albums,  you may not realize different ways to share photos on Shutterfly’s website – you can share the albums, projects created as well as create a PDF of an album, share photos, and more.  This way you can share a photo album online – Shutterfly of course hopes viewers will either order photos or copies of your album.  This 6 minute video goes over a few of these topics.

Definition of Success

80% of success is being on time.  (Woody Allen)