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2017 Photographer(y) Resolutions

January 1, 2017

For those of you who enjoy photography, below are a few resolutions that I am hoping to follow next year!  Some are tongue-in-cheek, yet serious

  1.  When I take pictures, I promise not to take 37 shots of the same image – I will take a moment or two to look at the area, take my picture(s) yet not overdo it.  Back in the days of film (and it could be costly!), I’d think things out first.  Even though it is “free,” it can be very time consuming to delete excess photos or to just waste time wading through all of the images.  This rule can be broken when you’re in a once-in-a-lifetime experience such as being at the top of Mt. Everest.
  2. Deciding what accessory, lens, gadget I need rather than want.  Too often the gadgets get in the way and can slow you down (either in weight) or deplete the checking account.  If it is something you need, get it.  If it is a want, wait about 90 days and then you’ll decide whether or not it’s worthwhile.
  3. Try to learn a shortcut or two in your post production processing – actions and batches can be huge time savers when you ignored resolution #1!
  4. Try to spend some time just looking and enjoying the sights, vistas, beauty.  We can get more joy and pleasure by admiring what we see rather than trying to recapture it!  This is a great idea especially when you forgot your camera.
  5. Get a picture (or 2 or 3) off of the camera/computer – print it out – hang it so you (and everyone else) can enjoy the image!  Change the images in the frame every few months or weeks – it’s an inexpensive way to keep your personal momentum going (as well as decorating your home or office).
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