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Excel – solving common mistakes

November 30, 2016

Even though we may have basic Excel competence, below are a few errors, issues you may get – typically easy to solve!

Circular reference – this means that you included your cell address in a formula – for example you’re in cell D10 and you’re adding the numbers above (which should be D1:D9) yet you highlighted cells D1:D22 – this is including the cell that the formula should appear in.

quick fix – delete the formula and start over again.  Or, you can click in the formula bar and edit the formula.


#DIV/O or #VALUE! – there is something wrong with the data entry in the cells you are used in the formula – it could be many issues:

a) that a cell was blank (this happens in division/multiplication)
b) text  (a word) int he cell that was to be a number (you could have selected an incorrect cell)
c) you could have deleted a cell, row, or column that was to be used in the formula.

Sometimes it is a good idea to walk away from the spreadsheet for a few minutes and come back.  If you are attempting to do anything complex, I’d suggest saving the file before starting.  If you end up with a real mess, close without saving the file.  Or you can do a save as and give the file a different name.

Good luck!


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