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My Publisher – review of upgrade * ONE star

August 8, 2013

MyPublisher just merged with Shutterfly.  I wrote a review of several sites for creating photo albums.  I’ve been working with MyPublisher for about 8 hours and it has been a NIGHTMARE.

I’ve called about 9x since installing the software last night for their “new and improved” upgrade.  Anything but!!!!

I give them credit for having the staff in America (either Atlanta or NYC) and they are pleasant.  Hurrah for that!  However, they said the upgrade has been problematic.  If it is so problematic, why don’t they revert back to what they had which worked ok.  On the fifth call last night, I was FINALLY told their server was down and they could not help.

These are problems I’m experiencing:

1) difficulty moving objects, aligning them, selecting more than one.

2) Half the time the mouse does not select properly

3) inability to get competent help on occasion on phone.  I was told you can’t group to align objects (as you do in Photoshop or PowerPoint) yet sometimes you can.

4) have to constantly reboot the program or computer to get MyPublisher to respond.

5) unable to delete the program from my computer (I use windows)

Their upgrades do not include borders on images.  Last night it took nearly an HOUR to get 3 images on a page.  Deleting or removing pictures from a page was nearly impossible.  I happen to have a Groupon for this.  If I did not, I’d have stopped within 10 minutes and gone to Shutterfly.  Their responses on their facebook page are polite yet not helpful.

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