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Photography – Black & White or Color?

January 12, 2013

Many of us love black and white photos…there is a richness to them that we often don’t see in a color image.  Looking at an Ansel Adams makes us completely forget about color….even in a scenic shot!

Tips for digital photographers who wish to dabble in b/w:

1) shoot the image in color

2) if you have Photoshop or an advanced version of Elements, shoot in RAW format if your camera supports it – more control in the b/w area

3) JPGs still convert nicely to b/w if you are unfamiliar with RAW or camera doesn’t have that capability.  RAW is fairly easy to work with.  I typically shoot JPGs as they are quicker to load onto PC and to edit.  I guess it depends how much of a perfectionist or how professional you are about the photography.

4) When doing photography, it’s important to look at composition, lighting, shadows for the b/w photo.  It will also make the color image more dynamic.  Too often the photographer is dazzled by the colors rather than the composition.  I’ve been guilty of taking some photos because of the colors….and the end result was not satisfying.

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