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don’t get ripped off on eBay or PayPal when selling

December 26, 2012

If you’re selling on eBay and using PayPal….be careful, especially on high ticket items.  Too often they will find for the customer who has deliberately ripped you off.   Customer  may not return the proper item.  Then they will notify their credit card (connected to PayPal) with some crazy story and the credit card company will find for you.

To protect yourself:

  1. Contact postal authorities about mail fraud.  They take this seriously.  Make sure you save all emails pertaining to this.  Do not make any threatening comments to the buyer (as aggravated as you may be!)
  2. Post on – a website to deal with online fraud (was not much help to me as the detective said they have no jurisdiction out of their area and/or with mail fraud…ugh)
  3. You can also sue the “customer” in small claims court (may be difficult if you live far away, contact court system about their regulations)
  4. There is fraud insurance you can get.  It’s called chargeback insurance that covers you (worth it for high ticket items).
  5. I was told by management at postal service NOT to remit payment to PayPal if you feel there is mail fraud involved.

I’ve also posted some comments on this facebook page.

I’ve been experiencing problems with eBay/PayPal since September over a purchase from a customer who failed to return product, never returned emails/calls and is a liar in general.  I’ve turned this over to the post office &

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