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Storm/Disaster Protection for your computer

November 5, 2012

With the hurricane that hit the east coast last week, many of you were very concerned for your personal safety and your loved ones.

Question:  are you prepared to lose everything on your computer if a disaster were to occur?  You may have dodged a bullet when your lives were ok but came home to nothing.  What can you do?

1) If you have a laptop, just take it with you when you leave your home

2) backup of data, etc.  Many of us use an external hard drive.  That is a great idea.  However, if it is kept by the computer, that is not good if there is a fire/flood as everything is destroyed.  You may wish to consider an online backup system such as Carbonite, Amazon, Microsoft, or another one.  This way you have your data (not your software which is replaceable) to access from anyplace.

These services should not cost any more than $100/yr.  I do know that Carbonite does an instant backup of any data on your computer (almost a no-brainer).

Battery Backup 
If you work with a desktop (as I do), get a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) whcih will protect you from surges during storms.  When leaving home for an extended period, shut off the computer.  Unplug it to protect from power surges.  I leave my computer plugged into the UPS.

As a laptop has a built in battery, you don’t have to worry about having a UPS.

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