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The Adobe saga is almost done yet continues…

August 22, 2012

We finally got Acrobat to install.  The gentleman that I worked with out in Oregon was very pleasant, friendly and definitely helpful.  I must’ve spent 30 hours on the phone and/or working with this to get it to work.  Now I can’t get the updates to work.  I was told to do updates directly from the Adobe website.  I haven’t tried that yet (almost afraid to!) yet am happy with the way the Acrobat X works.  It really is awesome…converting a PDF into a Word or Excel document is (almost) a snap!

Adobe did offer some compensation for my aggravation…not enough in my book but am somewhat satisfied….they offered a full version of Creative Suite 6 or a set of books.  I told them I wanted another copy of program and only 2 books (InDesign & Photoshop).  This was a month ago…am still waiting to get delivery and/or hear from them.

I’m a reasonable guy and somewhat patient.  Their customer service could be a bit faster…it would’ve cost them a few bucks more to overnight this to me.  I like their products and do recommend them.  However to have a nearly 3 month experience of failing to install and get delivery of some “goodies” is disappointing.


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