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Photoshop CS6 improvements

July 19, 2012

I will be installing CS6 once I get things straightened out with my Acrobat  situation (see previous blog).  This has been going on for over a month now.  I called corporate HQ and spoke to someone who is now supposedly escalating this to level 3.

Anyhow, here to discuss Photoshop…to save $$ I upgrade every 2nd or 3rd version unless there’s a MAJOR upgrade.  If you need to be cutting edge and upgrade every time, that’s great.

These are a few of the new topics in CS6:

  • Layer searching
  • Vector pixel snapping
  • Layer Styles on Groups
  • Group Clipping Masks
  • Rotating 90° fixed
  • Paragraph Styles and Character Styles
  • On canvas dimensions
  • Command-J dupes anything
  • Change the color of multiple layers at once
  • New crop tool
  • Paste lorem ipsum
  • Automatic Recovery

There many other features that you can read about in more detail online.  The program is definitely recommended, especially with the automatic recovery.  Some of these features are recognizable to those who have used InDesign.

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