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10,000,000 Re-Pins – book review for Pinterest users

July 11, 2012

Very useful book for those who are interested in Pinterest.  It is brief but covers quite a few topics for the novice.  Review text is below (link takes you to my posting on Pinterest):

This book is definitely helpful. It is VERY brief, but that is not bad. It is to the point. It discusses the “viral” part of Pinterest. I got the paperback. My only criticism of the book is that there are no page numbers (makes it a bit difficult to tell someone to get to a section).

A lot of this information is similar to what someone who’s done social networking on other sites. Pinterest is different. Authors bring up some good points of having contests, integrating it with your business, and more. Pinterest is NOT for everyone.

Towards the end they discuss how some businesses are effectively using it. As many of you know Pinterest is a VISUAL medium. However, they discuss how Chobani (yogurt which is not very visual) is utilizing it.

If you have a kindle, you can download it for free. The book was about $8 and I did learn more than a few things from it.

My only other suggestion is that if the author does update the book is to include a few more illustrations. I’d also like to know if he has a Pinterest page!

Source: via Alan on Pinterest

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