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Adobe Creative Suite CS6 – Acrobat X

July 6, 2012

Over a week ago (6/25) I got Adobe Creative Suite 6 for my Windows 7 computer.  I cannot review any of the software as I can’t install it!

First warning:  if you have an older version of Acrobat on your PC, UNINSTALL IT!  You cannot have more than one version of the software on your pc, unlike different versions of Dreamweaver or Photoshop.  I do not know if this caused the problem or not but we cannot remove version 9 and get version 10 installed. There is no readme file or any prompt that says you MUST uninstall other versions of Acrobat to get the newer version to install.

The technical support staff at Adobe is pleasant.  You’ll either get them in India or the Philippines.  In my first instance I lost the connection and the person did NOT call me back.  She had the phone number.  During  another call, as they were closing in 10 minutes, I was rushed by a tech.  I cannot comment on their knowledge or intelligence as no one has been able to figure this out.

I’m now at level 2 for support.  They’ll call me back in a couple of days as I have some real work to do in the meantime and cannot spend several hours on this installation.

For what someone spends on Adobe software, sometimes over $1,000 for a package, the support received for this upgrade is dreadful.  I don’t know what they’re going to do to make me a happy customer.

As an aside, I put a negative (not vitriolic) comment on their facebook page and they requested that I send a private message.  I guess they don’t like being embarrassed.  I’m not trying to extort any money or gratis from them for this, but they should do something to make me a somewhat satisfied customer.  When (or if?) I get it installed, I’ll post a review.  As of this point, they’d be getting negative stars.  I use Acrobat several times a day and it’s been a real pain working around this situation.  I have no way of viewing a PDF file now.  However, you can see the PDF on the Chrome browser which is my ONLY saving grace.

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