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Purchasing software inexpensively

June 27, 2012

If you’re an educator or a student, JourneyEd is a good source for software at a great price.  You will pay shipping and your local sales tax.  Savings are good.  I got Adobe Creative Suite 6 for approximately $400.

The one issue I have with them is their extremely rigid regulations in ordering.  I am very sympathetic to them having do this as their suppliers (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.) rigidly audit their records.  As an adjunct college instructor, I’ve had issues with them over the years where my qualifications were NOT accepted.  I didn’t know this the first time and after a month of waiting (after they got money from my credit card), I was told that what was provided was incorrect.

I now call them to make sure that the order will be processed.  Unfortunately they have taken their customer service overseas.

The staff is very pleasant, wants to help, but they are trained off of a script and cannot make any type of decision for even the slightest deviation.  For example, my final check from my college is in mid-May.  They wanted something more recent (I won’t be teaching until this Sept).  They said a photo college ID would be ok.  However, since it has the year 2010 on it, it’s invalid (To save money, my college only issues them every 5 years).

Hold times to get a rep can be lengthy (about 20 minutes).  I escalated issue to a supervisor (who happened to be in America).  We had it solved within 3 minutes.

I recommend JourneyEd with reservations.  I just wonder how cost effective outsourcing the customer service really is.  What used to be solved in minutes when it was in America is now taking well over an hour with their “new” and deteriorated customer service.  The one good thing is that your information will be good for a full year after the order is processed.

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