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Software at a savings

June 4, 2012

As many of us are watching our expenses, below are a few ways to save $$ on office productivity software.  Microsoft Office is the most popular and is probably the best one to use if you’re exchanging or sharing data.  However, with alternate programs you can always use the “save as” feature and select Word in the drop down menu that appears in the box below the file name.

If you go to OpenOffice you can get a free download of their equivalent of Office.  It may not be as powerful but it does a terrific job and is FREE.

If you have a Gmail account (which is free), you can use their docs program.  Think of it as “office  light,” where your documents are stored in the cloud.  Type in to get to this program.  Again, it’s not as powerful as MS, but it does a good basic job.

Must have Office?  If you’re a student or educator, go to JourneyEd website.  You can buy many types of software at a substantial discount.  You must provide proof of the above.  Documentation process can be a bit of a pain but when you’re saving hundreds of dollars, it’s worth it.  Many times you can go into a college bookstore and purchase the program at a discount.  Some college bookstores will ask for ID, others will not.


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