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Make your blog more engaging and memorable

April 13, 2012

Remember…the blog is about the reader, not you!  People do not want to know about what you had for lunch (unless it was a great new place with an incredible special!) or about how wonderful you are (unless you’re a Kardashian).

It’s good to have a focus to your blog.  Don’t mix up carpentry, politics, and recipes unless you’re a major celebrity.  You can more than one (i.e. for each of the topics already indicated.  We all love to cook, keep our houses attractive and may be interested in this year’s upcoming election.  It all depends on the audience.

They don’t have to be long, in fact a shorter one can be more memorable as it is quicker to read and often more memorable.

Take ideas from things written in the past (it’s ok to plagiarize yourself!).  If you have a diary, refer to it.  Check some old emails that you wrote which may have something relevant.  Maybe there’s a newspaper clipping you saved and wish to share this very useful information (make sure you quote the source).


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