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Blogging Classes to be offered @ Westport Continuing Education

March 4, 2012

Categorize your blogs if you write on more than one topic.  Although 90% of my postings are on technology, I’ve broken it down into categories for Excel, Photoshop, blogging, and more.  It makes it so much easier when a “fan” is scrolling through the list and wants only the relevant information.

FYI, I have some classes coming up on blogging using WordPress.  These classes will be offered at Westport Continuing Education.  Make sure you know how to work with your profile which is powerful….you can share as much (or as little) information on  yourself as you desire.

Classes will be offered on the following dates (note revision for the first one below):  
Thur, 5/17, 5/24    Staples High School          7 – 9pm
Sat, 4/14                    Staples High School          9am – 1pm

click on link above to register online and save $10 on registration fee.


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