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Some Excel Shortcuts

January 17, 2012

Regardless of the version of Excel that you use, here are a few Excel tips that are time savers and will make you more efficient and accurate!

1) need to copy a formula or entry down a column?  Make sure you have the mouse in the lower right hand corner of the cell that you wish to copy (there’s a small black dot on this part).  Mouse becomes a cross hair.  Hold the mouse down and drag.  If there is data to the left, double click on this dot and it will automatically copy down (this works with data to the left.  If there is a blank cell, it will NOT copy).

2) to highlight cells without the mouse, use the shift and arrow keys to select the range.  This is great when you have data that is larger than the screen and the mouse goes nuts on you.  You can also use the page down to get even larger ranges.

3) do you need to put a header/footer, margins on many pages?  This works great if they’re all the same set up (margins, headers, layout).  Select the pages you wish to do this to by using the CTRL key and clicking on the tabs.  Go to page set up and make all the changes that you need to at one time.  To deselect this range (if you don’t and you put an entry in a cell, that entry will go to all cells in selection!) click on any tab.

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