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What photos to keep?

October 10, 2011

If you’re really into photography, you are going to have a LOT of photos.   One good thing about digital photography is that instead of a shoe box filled with photos, we now have a hard drive cluttered with photos!  The clutter is different but it is still there.

Obvious Deletions
Out of focus, pix of someone’s feet, or overly cluttered ones are easily deleted

The less obvious

  1. If you have several shots of the same group, pick just one or two
  2. You have several shots with different lighting/color – pick the best one.  Don’t spend too long agonizing or you’ll never clean up the clutter on your PC!
  3. The best angle of that photo of Uncle Ed or the Sistine Chapel ceiling
  4. The image with the best color, composition, best detail.  The long distance shot of that landmark is definitely not as good as the close up.
Preventive Measures
Don’t take so many pictures!  I know this is hard to say but when I went on vacation this summer, I took a lot less pictures as I knew my travel companion was alao taking pictures.  Why have duplicates to further agonize over?  When taking that picture, think for a moment before snapping the shutter a gazillion times.
Can’t decide?  
Make a snap decision anyhow.  You probably won’t be looking at that folder of pictures ever again.  If you do, you won’t even remember the images you deleted!
Remove the photos from card in camera
After you get the images from your camera onto the computer, delete them (from the camera).
Get a backup system for your computer
If you are a photo lover (like me), get some type of back up hard drive so you won’t go into agony should your hard drive ever crash!
Time Management
You aren’t going to clean up all the photos in one sitting.  If they are not already in folders, set up appropriate named folders and sub folders so you can narrow down what is stored.  Spend an hour or so a week for the next month (or 2 or 3) so you can get your photo life in order.  You can sort by category or by date.  If your camera clock was correctly set, this will be a huge time saver.

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