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Online Photo Albums and Prints

October 1, 2011

There’s more to photography than taking pictures, retouching and staring at the computer to see them.  You need to have them printed as photos or in photo books.

There are many online services that do this.  I’ve used Shutterfly for over two years and have been very happy with them.  They are not the best quality images; they are very good.  Service in delivery, ease of use, and customer service have been consistently excellent.   Sign up for an account; you’ll get offers for discounts, free shipping, etc.  You can also share the photos on mini websites which is also fun.

Other services that you can use include Kodak, Snapfish, and others.

Another place you can use which has gotten very high reviews….their photos are printed on photo quality paper…totally outstanding is Adorama.

Many of these services have minor retouching available.  You can now upload custom cropped photos to many of them without it falling into a pre-cut template that arbitrarily crops the photos in an unacceptable fashion.

These albums are wonderful gifts for graduations, weddings, birthdays, special events, vacations, and more.  You can spend less than $20 to several hundred.  Even the $15 albums I’ve purchased from Shutterfly have been terrific.

Avoid Using Picaboo
I placed an order with Picaboo and AM VERY DISPLEASED with them already.  I purchased a Groupon for a good price.  Unfortunately, you cannot combine them with Picaboo and I was forced into upgrading my order into an expensive photo album.  I was not allowed to use the two coupons.  My dissatisfaction is also with Groupon.  I don’t like being misled by their representatives.  It’s always they are right, the consumer is wrong.  I know I make mistakes but I was told I could combine the two groupons for an order.  Picaboo practically asked that I provide a transcript of the conversation I had with their customer representative which I did not have.  If you chat with any business and they offer a transcript, get it!  (and Groupon is NOT a great bargain)


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