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Travel tips for the digital photographer

September 24, 2011

As someone who’s done a lot of traveling with cameras, these tips will help you to get the most out of your pictures, whether they’re a vacation, visiting family, or even business.

  1. If you’re a serious photographer you may wish to have an extra camera with you.  This is good in case you’re traveling in an area where you’ll be hiking or anyplace it could be damaged (or lost).
  2. Extra rechargeable battery – you may be in a location where the battery suddenly gives out and you’re miles from the hotel.  They take up no room.
  3. Extra storage disks.  They’re inexpensive and if you’re in a touristy type of location, you will pay considerably more for new ones.
  4. When you take your first picture with the storage card in camera, take a photo of your business card or luggage tag which will show your name/address.  If it is lost, the chances of recovery are much higher.  If you’re traveling an area where there is a possibility of pickpockets or robbery, change the flash card every night so you don’t lose all those awesome pictures on the last day of your 2 week trip!
  5. When traveling overseas, bring a power converter so you can recharge.
  6. Use a camera with rechargeable batteries….much easier than traveling with dozens of AA batteries.
  7. I love using my digital SLR but I also have a small pocket sized camera.  The pocket sized camera doesn’t take as nice a picture as the big one, but it is much more convenient than a large one when I’m doing something active such as horseback riding.
  8. If traveling with a laptop, you can load images on the computer every couple of days.  This gives you a chance to preview what you’re doing.  I also back them up onto a flash drive so I’m more than double protected with my images.
  9. Bring the owner manual with you.  You may not use it but you may wish to review functions when you’re on a tour bus or during some downtime.  This will help improve your skills.  If there are some functions you really need to know (who can remember them all?!), you may jot them down on an index card and put it in your camera bag.

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