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Getting your images ready pronto!

September 7, 2011

Working with photo editing programs is often fun as well as addictive.  Often we spend too much time post-processing our photos rather than enjoying or sharing them.  When I travel, I can often take hundreds if not over 1,000 images.  Some tips to help you get them online and or printed to be shared:

  1.  When taking a picture while on vacation, photograph some type of identification (sign by door, etc.).  this helps you to know what the pictures are when you start working with them.
  2. Make sure the date/time feature on camera is correct….sometimes when batteries are out for too long or time changes happen, you lose accuracy.  This is especially helpful when you have a printed itinerary and can refer to where you visited.
  3. When you put the images on the computer, put them into folders.  It can either be by date or location.  If you were in different locations and want to keep them sequential, start off with 01, i.e. 01 New York, 02 Boston, etc.  This keeps them sorted!
  4. Delete duplicates of photos.  If you took 10 shots of one location, keep the one or two best images.
  5. When working with them on the PC, do the simple edits first such as cropping, color optimization.  Working with light levels is fairly quick.  Hue and vibrance are also useful to obtaining optimal results.  Use what I call the 30 second rule….if you can’t make it look good in a few seconds, go on to the next shot.  You may wish to spend more than a few minutes on the occasional WOW photo you want to enlarge.  The more you practice and use these programs, the faster you’ll become.
  6. If you’re somewhat proficient with the programs, start using Actions and batches.   HUGE TIMESAVERS.  I often have a bunch of photos I want to reduce in size for the Internet and these make a tedious job much quicker!

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