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Creating a “matted” picture

April 18, 2011

Many times we have a great photo that will requires a specially sized frame.  Or, to get it into a standard sized frame, you have to pay someone to cut the mat for you.  (somehow a hand cut mat looks like it was cut by hand)

This is a very easy method.  Create a blank canvas for the size that the frame will be (i.e., 5 x 7, 8 x 10, etc.).  It should be the same DPI as the photo you’re going to put in it.  Make it any color that you want.  You can apply a texture to this to make it even more interesting (don’t get too crazy or it’ll compete with the photo).

Open the image desired to be inserted.  Drag it into the new canvas and you’ll have it “instantly” matted.  All you need to do is print it out and slip into the frame.

If you wish to get fancier, add another layer to this newly “matted” picture.  Use a contrasting or complementary color, put it behind, adjust the size.

For a final finishing touch, add a text box in the lower left/right hand corner with a caption, date, or whatever.


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