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Excel – absolute/relative references

February 7, 2011

I’ve done a lot of private tutoring in Excel – all versions from 97 up to 2007.  I’ve seen 2010 and it’s very similar to 2007.  Occasionally I’ll share some videos with you that I’ve posted on YouTube.  Some of them have been up for quite a while, and most visitors find them useful.  I try to speak clearly and show the steps in a methodical fashion.  You may have to pause on occasion to take a note or two.

The one that I’m sharing with you deals with absolute and relative references.  This is a critical concept; once it is mastered and understood, the program becomes much easier.  Practice!

Absolute / Relative References


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  1. So is there any difference at all regarding absolute and relative reference? Like easier handling or something. Kinda hard to tell just looking at guides to the different version ( just for reference, seems pretty much like the same procedure). But maybe i shouldnt try to differentiate excel versions by such a simple functionality (i want to decide what version i want to purchase btw, thats why i am asking).

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