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Elements 9

January 31, 2011

Below are a few highlights of the text that I posted on Epinions on Elements 9.  It’s a great program…even if you use Photoshop, you may like to use some of the many shortcuts that you can use with their guided tour!  (click on the link above to read the full review!)

Elements 9 review:

Guided has many different procedures you can do to work with a photo.  More choices than quick, it gives you more power and control over the image where you can do touch ups, create actions (great automated feature in PS), Photomerge where you can join photos together, or take people from different pictures and get them all smiling in the group.  They are reasonably well automated but I’ve seen more than a few effects which looked a bit artificial.

In addition, you can create special photograph effects such as the “lomo” camera (dark borders, intense colors), old fashioned appearances, pop art, reflections, and more.  As some of them only take a minute or two, you can find the program addictive and fun.  However, some of the effects such as the reflections have a decidedly artificial look.  However, if you wish to convert a photo to a drawing or to have the appearance of an antique postcard, you’ll obtain very good results.

I use Photoshop for business and personal purposes.  It is great for designing logos, graphics and more for websites.  However, if you wish to repair and touch up photos, Elements is the way to go.
Elements includes video tutorials with  the software to assist in learning the program.



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One Comment
  1. Scott permalink

    You have some interesting and helpful information on this blog. I wish you wrote more often. However, I did find this review to be VERY useful. As I am an amateur photographer (on a budget) who likes to improve his work, I think Elements is the correct solution for me!

    The full review on was extremely helpful.

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