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Photoshop/Elements – learning how to select

November 23, 2010

Knowing how to select the image is a major task.  You need to know that the goal is to make an accurate selection so that the image looks natural after retouching.

You can actually combine these techniques when selecting an image.  The best and the simplest one to often use is the quick selection tool.

However, to add or subtract from the selection, you have the other functions to use:
Marquee tool – great for large sections of an image
Lasso – there are 3 of them, magnetic, lasso, and polygonal.  Magnetic is often the best.  Polygonal is great for large shapes with straight and/or angled edges

Also, learn how to save selections.  This is great if you will be working on the file more than once.  To save a selection, click on Select, Save Selection and type in the name.  This selection can be applied to any layer in your PSD file.

It also takes practice to do this correctly and properly.  This is not an “instantly” learned process.


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