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Staying Organized

September 27, 2010

If you are doing a lot of media to share with the world with LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress and more, below are a few tips to make it easier.

1) Write your copy out in a word processing file – this way you can copy/paste (huge time saver).  You can also proofread it easier with spell check.

2) Share your comments instantly with other media. Check with some of the sites that you are posting on such as youtube which allow you to share your comments by clicking on the links (this is how some items go viral and all over the world in moments)

3) Make sure readers will be intrigued. As mentioned, don’t blog for the sake of it (no one cares what you had for lunch or that spare tire that’s been repaired)

4) if you sell a product or service, don’t insert  “hype” or sales pitches in your postings. Provide useful information.  (have I tried to sell you a used car yet??)

5) Plan a specific amount of time and don’t go over board. If you are budgeting an hour a week, put it on your calendar to do your updates, etc. and get it done in this period.  Although you don’t want grammar/spelling errors, remember you’re not publishing a major work (besides it can always bed edited).   However, if you are doing this work professionally, you may wish to write the word processing document a day or two ahead and then publish after you’ve given it a thorough review.

6) Decide which media you will devote your time to. Being online all day will not accomplish a thing except improve your keyboarding skills.


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