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Photoshop – improve photo with HDR

Using HDR to adjust (equalize) the contrast so you get more detail in a photo.  You can also add adjustment layers at the end to tweak the image.  Done with Photoshop CS6, the techniques work with earlier and newer versions.

If the file has layers, make a duplicate as HDR will flatten the image.  This brief video demonstrates methods to tweak and improve your photo.  You can also create some very interesting effects with the photo.

Excel – getting 0’s to appear at beginning of the cell

Very often competent Excel users get frustrated when they cannot get a 0 at the beginning of a cell or when they type in month and year (i.e. September 2017), it appears as 9/1/17.  Naming worksheets and copying them is also reviewed.   This 4 minute video covers all these topics.

Link data between Excel and Word or PowerPoint

If you are doing a presentation – either PowerPoint or Word – and are obtaining data from a spreadsheet, you can literally link the data so that changes in the spreadsheet will appear in the document.

You use paste link feature which is in PPT and Word – on the home tab, click on the drop down arrow under paste, choose paste special, select link on the radio button that appears.  Future edits in Excel will appear in the other document – if it does not appear, right click in the image and select Update Link.  Video below demonstrates this.

Adding rounded values in Excel

Sometimes you want to add up the rounded values in Excel, for example

1.7 = 2
1.2 = 1
3.9 = 4
3.4 = 3
5.2 = 5
6.4 = 6
4.3 = 4

26.1   25 are the actual totals, you want 25 to appear.  This video shows you to do this task.  


Using Arrays in Excel formulas

In the example shown here, you will learn how to use either an absolute reference in calculating an insurance premium for a list of items.  Or, you can use an array formula – both have their advantages.

Create an animated GIF simply & quickly

You can create an  animated GIF of photos in Photoshop – this shows a few shortcuts to get this done quickly – you can use the results in w website, facebook, PowerPoint presentation.  You can also create a mini movie from a photo burst or a quick video of any series of photos.  It is recommended that all photos be the same size and DPI.  Tips are shown how to adjust or resize a photo in the series.

Create a “matted” photo to fit in a stock frame

We all love to frame our photos and hang them on the wall or provide them as gifts.  What happens is that if you have an irregularly shaped photo this means either a custom frame and/or mat.  This video tutorial shows how to put irregularly shaped photo onto a “mat” of a standard size such as 8 x 10.  Effects such as adding a texture to the mat are included as well as creating a drop shadow or bevel on the photo.

Tutorial was done in Photoshop CS 6 yet is applicable to any version as can be useful for those using Elements (you won’t have all the features of drop shadows and textures)