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Definition of Success

80% of success is being on time.  (Woody Allen)

Formatting 101 – Word 365

Discover the basics of fonts, point sizes, borders, shading and more in this tutorial – Word 2016 is very similar in this fashion with earlier versions.   This video demonstrates these features.

Excel – FV (future value) and goal seek

FV allows you to see what the value of an investment would be after x amount of years based on a constant rate of return, based on the same amount of investment.

Example:  Invest $2,000 a year for the next 20 yeas at a 2.5% return.  This video explains it.

Goal seek allows you to set goals – let’s say you only have $42,000 after doing an investment strategy – and you want to have $100,000.  Using goal seek you can determine how much to invest each year, # of years, or the rate of return required to obtain this value.  Video demonstrates this.

Snapseed – a free app to retouch photos

I don’t know how many of you have heard of Snapseed – it’s a free app for both android and IOS systems – it works on cell phones as well as tablets.

Although it is not exactly Photoshop, it is very powerful, creative and allows you to cusotmize effects in your photos – in the few times I’ve used it, not a single popup ad!

For the most part it is self teaching – there are classes being offered on it.  Use Snapseed to improve photos, be creative, or to inspire any other art form such as painting with  any medium, sculpture, and more.  Improve perspective, remove imperfections, create double exposures, vignetting.  What is nice is that  you can save the file as a copy so the original is not damaged.

Be as creative (o conservative) as you want  – get the download and experiment with your photos.  As you can see, they even have a “grunge” effect!



Creating a simple macro in Excel 2016

There is no visual basic used in this demonstration where a couple of very simple macros are created. Make sure you select “relative reference” when doing this.

Make sure you concentrate while creating a macro – you do NOT want to be distracted!

Very important – when saving the worksheet, make sure you click on NO on the save button – otherwise you’ll save an xlsx file instead of a an xlsm file which contains the macro.

Excel – countif and if statements

If statements are either true or false – can use to determine many items such as raises, bonuses, and more. Countif is not an if statement – what it does is count number of occurrences a word may appear – for example if you want to know # of staff members who have absent more than x amount of days, you can accomplish this very quickly and rapidly!

Sumif function – Excel

Sumif is a powerful function where you can total numbers that meet a specific criteria.  Learn how to do this in 67 seconds!

Excel PMT function

This was done in version 2016/365 = will work with previous versions.