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Understanding your camera’s settings

Again, another useful post from LifeHacker – too many of us do not fully understand the settings on our cameras.  I often use the auto feature when I don’t have time – for example when I see a shot I want to catch while in moving vehicle.  Familiarize yourself with these features and you can go from good to wow

improve your photos

As much as I detest the word “hack” in anything that talks about simplifying tasks (let’s use the shortcuts, tips, ideas, etc.), the Lifehacker website has some very useful info on photography – if you’ve been doing photography for a long time, the tips may be old hat yet you may find something useful.

The posting is from 2011 and is an easy read with excellent images to demonstrate what the photographer has done.

PowerPoint – customize a theme

Often the themes in PowerPoint are stock – they are convenient to use when you have to prepare a presentation  on the fly and you need it right away.  With a few tweaks, you can customize the theme and/or make your own theme to use.

As I’ve said many times, it is the information and the presenter that are the most important – a good design can help – especially when it is somewhat distinctive (it stands out from the crowd)!

This video works with 2013 yet is applicable to earlier versions.

Upcoming Classes (Fairfield/Westchester County)

Although using the web is a great way to learn many new topics, many of us still like the idea of taking a class with a human instructor – they can get feedback and hands-on assistance that you don’t receive online or from a book because any of us (me included!) has made an unknown mistake.

Classes are taught in Stamford, Greenwich, Westport, Westport Senior Center – some new additions include Shelton and Scarsdale, NY.

This link will show you all the upcoming classes in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, iPad, Social Networking, and more.  Classes are both introductory and intermediate to advanced.  Many of these classes do sell out quickly due to limited enrollment so get your registration in.

Excel – mixed references

This brief video discusses both the PMT (payment function) and creating it only once so that it copies to many columns/rows so that it does not need to be recreated many times.  Any formula that is used repetitively should be copied – it ensures accuracy and increases your productivity!

Introduction to PowerPoint 2013

This video goes through a lot of basics with templates, graphics, animations, and works a bit with the slide master.

Customize PowerPoint with Slide Master

Regardless of the version being used, make your presentation has an impact.  By impact, it is the presenter not the presentation!  By making a strong and memorable talk, your presentation will be memorable.

Customize your presentation by working with the slide master – a preset design can be made more distinct.  Done in 2013, this is relevant to earlier ver sions.


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