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Windows 8.1 – choosing default program to open a file, displaying files in Explorer

Windows 8.1 has many improvements that are often overlooked when one sees the tiles.  Working on the desktop, learn how to choose the default program to open a file.  In addition,  whether you work with images or text, you can preview the files in different methods as well as watch a slide show of your photos.


Resize and remove distortion from a photo in Elements 13

Designed specifically for artists, this tutorial in Elements 13 shows the following:
1) adjust DPI (dots per inch)
2) resize an image
3) remove distortion
4) saving for the web
5) PSD vs. JPG

Many of the features in this video will apply to earlier editions of Photoshop Elements and will also work with most versions of Photoshop

File & folder management in Windows 8.1

If you’re familiar with working with files and folders in previous versions of Windows, it is very much the same in 8.1.  You may find the shortcuts and tips useful regardless of version.

To select non adjacent files (those not next to each other), use the control key (CTRL) when selecting

To select adjacent files (all those in a column) click on the first file, hold down the shift key and click on the final file.

It is recommended using a mouse when doing this type of work on a laptop as it is awkward with a touch pad.

Intro to Windows 8.1 with some shortcuts

Intro to Windows 8.1 – this video shows some core basics such as moving tiles, downloading apps, getting the desktop, some shortcuts, shutting down.

Creating shapes and adding text to them in InDesign

This brief tutorial shows you the following in InDesign 6 on a PC (works with Mac and previous versions):

create a shape
fill the shape with a color
apply a border to a shape
color border to a shape
add text to a shape


Excel 2013 – data management – working with lists

Excel can work as a database where you can narrow down a spreadsheet of thousands of rows into a select few.  Learn how to filter, view the spreadsheet easily, determine the number of entries in the filter, and more.  This YouTube video will show all this and more.  Done in version 2013, it works with 2010/2007.


take weight off! – Liquify filter in Photoshop Elements 13

If you need to take off some weight in a photo, the Liquify filter is very helpful. It is in Elements 13 and is a very useful tool to use. This video shows how to perform this. Make sure you are patient when doing this. It also works best when there is NO background. if there is a background like a fence or a tree, that part of the image may become distorted.


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