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Definition of Success

80% of success is being on time.  (Woody Allen)


Excel 2016 – create a forecast with goal seek

Creating and planning a forecast on nearly any product or service is often accurate guess work as you’re looking at previous/current conditions, future trends. Unfortunately as we don’t have a crystal ball, we don’t really know what the future may bring! (kind of like being a weatherman).

Now you’ll be prepared when you go on Shark Tank with your next big greatest invention!

This video demonstrates goal seek, very basic formulas including absolute references in addition to fine tuning its appearance and moving/hiding data.

Excel – copy only filtered data/subtotal function

When filtering data and you want to only use the  data shown, the typical copy and paste will display all the hidden data.  To display ONLY the data that appears in the filter, this method will work with either the filtered data or using the subtotal function.  Although you can use a Pivot Table/Chart to perform this, this method is a bit simpler.
This video uses Excel 2016 and should work with many earlier versions that have the find and select function which appears on the home tab.

Carbonite – customer service very poor

Carbonite does have its positives – phone calls always answered in America. However, be darned cautious in knowing what will or will not be restored. I was misled about what was backed up – considerable data stored in a root directory (C:) not backed up and am severely inconvenienced. it will take me about 20 hours to FTP some files that are online. In addition, data files dating back 20 years are gone forever.

If any of my subscribers have advice on where I should go to in the future, please advise. I thank you!

Access – queries/reports with calculations

Videos shown are in version 2016 which also applies to those using 2013.  One of the many powerful features in Access is the ability to do calculations.  Working with the “Santa” database, we can calculate raises for the elves in a query.  After the query is completed, we are creating a report for Santa which will show the results in a more professional fashion.  In addition, additional formulas are created such as the average salary.  Formatting is more than bold, italic, we can see themes.  In addition, graphics can be added to create customized report.

The videos are in 2 parts.

Queries with calculations

Reports with calculations

Excel – linked data types

If you have the current version of Excel, this may be a game changer for you with linked data types – this link goes into more detail.

The New data Types are technically Linked Data Types. This means they pull data from an Online Source. Right now, there are two New Data Types in Excel, Stocks and Geography.

But for Understanding, you can think of the New Data Types in Excel as Entities. Every Cell contains a “hidden lookup row” that turns the text within a Cell into a “record” with properties.

This is definitely worth checking out!



Use social media to enhance your business’s online presence

If you have a business with an online presence, you may wish to improve its online effectiveness (or educate yourself a bit more!) with this online video is a short snippet of topics being covered in significant detail

The class is May 24, 7 – 9:30  at Greenwich Continuing Education (Greenwich High School) – go to to register.  

Excel on the Apple/Mac computer

if you’re a power user of Excel,  you’ll most likely prefer a Windows based computer as it is easier to navigate through thousands of rows or hundreds of columns.

However, most of us work with smaller worksheets.  With version 2016 available for the Mac, there are more similarities between the 2 operating systems.  Functions work the same with visual differences – these two videos show them.  They also include a few formula basics.  Keyboard shortcuts are different between the two operating systems.

If statement

Statistics (average, min, max, median)