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Definition of Success

80% of success is being on time.  (Woody Allen)

Windows 10 – pin folder to start screen

if you have a multitude of folders and only use a a couple with frequency, this time saving (less than 2 minute) video will give you near-instant access to the data.

Excel – Grouping Worksheets

Grouping worksheets in Excel can be a very powerful help – in this video example, we need to put the same footer on 5 worksheets – rather than doing it 5 times, we group the sheets and create the footer.

If you need to add data to a specific cell, it will appear in every cell that is in the group.  However, if you don’t want that to happen, make sure that you UNGROUP the sheets or you can end up with a disaster!

To group sheets, hold down the CTRL key while selecting each sheet.

To ungroup sheets, right click in any of the grouped tabs and select ungroup.

InDesign – add color in back of text box

Sometimes you want a tint to the background to a text box in an InDesign publication – this 2 minute video shows you how

Restore an old photo with Photoshop (also works with Elements)

Sometimes you may have an old, torn photo that has considerable sentimental or intrinsic value.  After scanning (I typically use 300 DPI), you can use features including clone, quick selection, magnetic lasso, and other features to make the photo more than acceptable – this video demonstrates the features including a few extras.

Photoshop – take off a few lbs. with the liquify filter

Too bad this filter doesn’t work in real life!  If you need to take off the few pounds that the camera put on, this video will show you how.  It also includes a brief tutorial of the clone stamp tool as well as adjusting lighting/color.

Remove skin imperfections in Photoshop

Sometimes we have a blemish that needs to be removed so that a photograph looks dynamic – or possibly a tattoo that one has regretted getting but doesn’t have the $$ to have it laser removed.  This video uses both the healing brush tool and the clone stamp tool to fix the portrait of a young gentleman.