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Create a custom form in Access

 A customized data entry form not only encourages accuracy for data entry, but it looks better and can provide more functionality with push buttons to print a record, add a record, etc. A logo can be incorporated into the design. Many of the features are quickly done so the video doesn’t run TOO long – it can be a bit tricky in the beginning as you have to observe the shape of the mouse when doing certain actions.

Using the “stack” function in design view is critical when moving fields around the sheet. Take it slow and you’ll do great. It is not an instant function when customizing.

Definition of Success

80% of success is being on time.  (Woody Allen)


Countif allows you to count either a text or numeric string to determine the number of occurrences. COUNTIFS allows youto count either text or numbers to determine the number of occurrences, allowing you to find numbers with a specific range, i.e. 100 – 200 in a data set range.

Although a pivot table can do this, it is often easier (quicker?)  to uses these functions as demonstrated in this video.

References in Word

Done in Word 2016, most of the tips in this video work with more current versions of Word.

Whether you’re doing a term paper, a research document, or a thesis, the tips shown in this video show you how to do the following:

  • Footnote
  • Comment
  • Citation
  • Footer
  • Table of Contents
  • Bibliography
  • and a few extra tips

Create a table in Excel

Excel tables are relatively simple to create yet can provide powerful methods of analyzing data. Filter data, get statistics, obtain totals, and format the table in minutes.   This example has been used in classes to demonstrate its many features.

Elements 2018 – remove a photo bomb (and more)

Photoshop Elements 2018 has about the same features…and then some! of the Photoshop of not so long ago.  Best thing….you can OWN it…not rent…in a few months you’ll be ahead of the game.  Retouch a photo using layers, quick selection tool, cloning, healing brush, and a few extra features so you can turn a photo with improper exposure or delete someone (or something) who “bombed” your photo.

Adjust exposure in photo using layers in Photoshop or Elements

Done in Creative Cloud, the skills apply to newer versions of Elements. Using layers and the quick selection tool, a backlit photo’s over and under exposure is fixed so it has a natural look.

The quick selection tool becomes much easier with practice.

Fall 2018 Continuing Ed classes

Classes starting this fall include many topics including:
click here for full schedule

To work with your schedules, sessions are offered both evenings and afternoons

A summary of classes offered:

  • Adobe software including
    • Photoshop Elements (Stamford)
    • Photoshop in Adobe Creative Cloud (Yonkers library)
    • InDesign (Yonkers library)
  • Social Media including methods on protecting your privacy.
  • Create a facebook page for your business or nonprofit
  • MS Office – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, with special classes on Excel pivot tables and charts
    Students can now bring their own fully charged laptops to hands-on sessions. Classes are taught on PCs, instructor is familiar with Mac. 
  • Buying and selling on eBay
  • Android and iPhone/iPad
  • Optimizing your Windows 10 computer

Looking forward to seeing you starting in September!






Import text from Word into PowerPoint Slides

Import slide from Word outline to PowerPoint

If you set up a Word file correctly with styles (heading 1, 2, 3), the file will import fairly nicely into a PowerPoint.  Much faster than copy/pasting umpteen times, a few shortcuts on getting fonts/colors to match is included.

Most instructions do not include the details that are reviewed – it does not always go in perfectly.

Excel 2016 – create a forecast with goal seek

Creating and planning a forecast on nearly any product or service is often accurate guess work as you’re looking at previous/current conditions, future trends. Unfortunately as we don’t have a crystal ball, we don’t really know what the future may bring! (kind of like being a weatherman).

Now you’ll be prepared when you go on Shark Tank with your next big greatest invention!

This video demonstrates goal seek, very basic formulas including absolute references in addition to fine tuning its appearance and moving/hiding data.

Excel – copy only filtered data/subtotal function

When filtering data and you want to only use the  data shown, the typical copy and paste will display all the hidden data.  To display ONLY the data that appears in the filter, this method will work with either the filtered data or using the subtotal function.  Although you can use a Pivot Table/Chart to perform this, this method is a bit simpler.
This video uses Excel 2016 and should work with many earlier versions that have the find and select function which appears on the home tab.