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Mail merge with Excel & getting zip code to work correctly

Although a mail merge is done in Word, you can use an Excel spreadsheet. Make sure that the field names are in the very first row when doing it. Also, you need to know that zip codes in the northeast begin with a “0” and will not convert correctly in the merge. You MUST convert the spreadsheet into a CSV file which is done doing file save as and choosing this function from the drop down arrow. This video demonstrates the merge function and towards the end how to convert the spreadsheet.

Excel – combining functions in one formula

combining functions is a sleek way to combine several into one formula. This example shows how an if statement based on the average sales is used to calculate the bonus. This takes a bit of practice and logic.  Make sure if you start and end with the correct number of open and closed parentheses.

Straighten a crooked photo in Elements 13

Photoshop Elements 13 has some new features to work with a crooked horizon. The tools are useful, with a content aware tool so that you don’t have to recrop the photo. This 3 minute video shows you all the different methods to straighten out the image.

Blur a background in a photo

Sometimes the sharp background in the photo distracts the viewer from the subject matter. Done in Photoshop Elements 13, this tutorial is applicable to earlier versions of the software. Will work with either a PC or a Mac.

A few extra tips on emphasizing the subject are also included.

Creating trendline charts in Excel 2010 and 2013

When you have “divergent” data, i.e. # of sales reps and the total $ of sales, a chart with a trendline going across is more usful than displaying two bars.  It works differently in 2010 and 2013.  I have a video on each method posted.




Destink your photos Part 1

In this example, the video shows you how to crop a photo, get rid of extraneous items in the photo.  Video produced with Elements 13 and works with earlier versions and with Photoshop. Discover how to sharpen a photo.


Getting rid of excess spaces in Excel using TRIM function

Sometimes you are working on a spreadsheet with lots of text in it and sometimes too much spaces as shown below.

David           Smith                 Jr.
Mary  Johnson
Philip                         Martin

The TRIM function will get rid of the excess spaces.



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