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Definition of Success

80% of success is being on time.  (Woody Allen)


Get Stylish with Word Styles

Styles in Word are great – you can do practically instant formatting with fonts, vertical spacing, tabs, and much, much more.  By using styles and modifying them, you can (almost) instantly redesign a document.  Done in Word 2016, much of what is shown in the video applies to earlier versions.

This video demonstrates the basic features – I’ll be doing a more advanced one in a few weeks – stay tuned (ps, to stay on top of my videos, you can always subscribe to my video channel!)

Password protect a Word 2016 document

Even if the document is not exactly top-secret, you may wish to prevent nosy eyes from looking at documents.

Make sure you have strong passwords – don’t use something like “password” (ugh), and you cannot get an email reminder if you forget it!  This short video demonstrates how to do this.

Create an Excel Template

We often may need the same template to create an invoice, expense report, inventory report, etc.  Rather than hoping to do a “save as” (which we often forget to do), create a template!  This video shows the saving process, opening the template, and even how to delete one that is no longer needed.  The skills for this template also apply to PowerPoint and Word.  This video was done in version 2016/office 365.

FYI, older versions were much simpler to delete a template (all you had to do was right click on the icon for the template and select delete) – not as simple anymore yet relatively straightforward.

My YouTube Channel

Subscribers may realize I don’t overpower readers with too many messages to you on my blog.  I have a YouTube channel.  Not everything I put on the channel goes into my blog – there are many useful topics on technology – mostly Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, InDesign, Windows, SEO, Social Networking, and more.

You may wish to subscribe to my channel – what’s great is that there are no cable charges and you may find some useful topics.


Excel – charting years

Have you ever had to create a chart or graph that dealt with years or some type of dates?  And it came out looking really strange.  An example is if you’re charting data that has years in it.  Excel often thinks the years are numbers – to fix this, type an apostrophe before the # and it becomes text and the graph will suddenly make sense!

This video demonstrates this feature.

Resolve to increase PC literacy in 2018

Many of you may prefer to learn stuff online – it is convenient, can get it immediately.  However, classes offer human interaction and a detailed explanation in case you need assistance and/or feedback.

This link provides you with a list of upcoming classes this winter/spring of 2018!

Happy new year!

EXCEL – countifs – counting multiple criteria

In this example, a gradebook is counting up two different criteria – both absence (abs) and tardiness (late) as marked in book.  Rather than manually counting these entries, this formula makes automates the process.  In addition, either a reward for good attendance can be added to the final grade or a penalty can be deducted for those with poor attendance.   I’ve also included the file if you wish to follow along.

excel file