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Create a clipping mask in Photoshop – when done can be used in InDesign

If you want to make an image look like text, this is very easy to do.  Create a text box beneath the image, do the clipping  mask.

A few shortcuts are also shown

CTRL SHIFT > (simultaneously) enlarges font

CTRL < (simultaneously) shrinks font

Other shortcuts are demonstrated in video.

Load (or import) styles InDesign 

InDesign Styles are a great way to do quick formatting, be it spacing, fonts, borders, almost anything in a nearly instant fashion.  Rather than recreating them in new documents, you can import or load them from other files.

With InDesign 6, this vidoe shows how to load a paragraph or object style from one document or file to another.  This is a huge time saver.

Selling (and sharing) your photos with Zenfolio

Many photographers love sharing as well as selling their work. allows you to do both.  You can have your own domain name and price photos accordingly.  There are several pricing structures which start at $30 a year for a basic plan.

They do not provide telephone support, it is via chat with limited hours (typically until about 8pm Eastern time).  they will spend time via chat to get your site up and running.  It is not difficult, but can be time consuming, especially in the beginning.  I suggest that you have all your photos categorized and sorted out in folders before uploading, it saves a lot of time.

The nice thing about this site is that they handle all the sales, printing, shipping for you.  Although you may be paying more than doing it yourself, it is a huge time saver for those who wish to invest their time and energies either on photography or other projects.

This site is also suitable for anyone who has many items to sell, whether it is artwork, crafts, etc.

Add text quickly and efficiently into an InDesign document

This 5 minute video shows you how to add text almost instantly to several pages in an InDesign document.  A few other shortcuts of working with large Word documents with styles, etc. is also included.  Pages will be added (if necessary) to the InDesign document  as well as flowing beautifully from one column to another.

Thumbnails of PSD, etc. files in Windows

Many of us use Photoshop and Elements on the PC.

It is great to be able to see what a Photoshop (PSD) file looks like before you open it, especially when you have a lot of files you may need to edit.  I don’t know how well they’ll work with Windows 10 which is coming out the end of July.

You can download Sagethumbs
(Windows 7 and earlier only)

And MysticThumbs :
(Works great in Windows 8, 32 and 64bit)

HUGE timesaver!

Decrap your photos – part 2

Often a mediocre photo can be salvaged into something great! However, sometimes you need to know when to just plain give up. This video is from classes that are taught in Fairfield County on photography and retouching of photos. This class covers vignetting, lighting, and a few useful tips for Photoshop & Photoshop Elements. With Picasa, you may find a basic features that can be used.

Excel – AND OR statements

These are logical statements that will return the answer of TRUE or FALSE. You can have up to 255 conditions to do this!

What this basically does is if you need to meet any one condition in this list (OR), it will say FALSE.
If you want every condition to be met, it is AND.

This video shows you how it is done. Video is in Excel 2013 and is applicable to any version of Excel. Instructions on how to type this out (very simple) if you’re using the Mac are also included.


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