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Creating trendline charts in Excel 2010 and 2013

When you have “divergent” data, i.e. # of sales reps and the total $ of sales, a chart with a trendline going across is more usful than displaying two bars.  It works differently in 2010 and 2013.  I have a video on each method posted.




Destink your photos Part 1

In this example, the video shows you how to crop a photo, get rid of extraneous items in the photo.  Video produced with Elements 13 and works with earlier versions and with Photoshop. Discover how to sharpen a photo.


Getting rid of excess spaces in Excel using TRIM function

Sometimes you are working on a spreadsheet with lots of text in it and sometimes too much spaces as shown below.

David           Smith                 Jr.
Mary  Johnson
Philip                         Martin

The TRIM function will get rid of the excess spaces.


Adding rounded values in Excel

There may be a time when you want the ROUNDED values to add up correctly, for example, 7.7 rounds to 8, 4.5 to 5, 6.5 to 7.  You want the rounded values to add up.  This video will show you how to do it.

Elements 13 – adjusting color & blurring background

This tutorial will work with earlier versions of Photoshop Elements that has adjustment layer feature.  In this tutorial, use the guided mode to adjust color in a photo taken with a mobile phone (with no flash).  We go over to the expert mode, create a new layer and add an adjustment layer to it.  Most of it is fairly easy.  To erase/add to the adjustment layer, you must first click in the white box shown in the layers box.  Select the brush tool, it becomes black/white.

Excel – the theory of relativity

For those of you who use Excel, this video on The Theory of Relativity may help you determine how to create a constant in a formula either by cell, row, column, or completely relative.

The more you practice with this, the easier it gets. The bottom line is that if you have columns or rows of formulas, they should drag down or across so that you don’t have to redo the formulas countless times.

Windows 7 – viewing files, choosing default program to open a file

Many of us are still using Windows 7 – probably the best Windows system.  This tutorial shows you how to choose a program to open a file in.  In addition, discover how to view files as thumbnails, details, and to preview.


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