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IIF (if) Statement in Access 2013, 2010, 2007

The if statement that is used in Excel can be applied in Access databases. In Access it is IIF statement. You do calculations or have text displays (make sure you use quote for text) based on the if statement. Done in Access 2013, this works with versions 2007 and 2010.

PMT function in Access

This tutorial was done in version 2013 yet will work with 2007 and 2010.  The PMT function calculates the monthly payment of a loan based on interest rate, # of payments (years), and the present value of the loan.  This is done in an Access query. I can also be done in a form or a report.


Word 2013 – setting tabs

This video works with all versions, even the 2002/2003 (if you haven’t yet upgraded!).  The one difference with 2013 is that you need to click on the View tab to get the ruler.

Introduction to Expression Web 4

This is now a freeware program from Microsoft.  Just type in “Microsoft Expression Web 4″ in Google and you’ll get a link to download.  It’s a fairly easy program to use – once you’ve learned it.  This video is a brief introduction to the program.

Excel:  cost your project out so that you can make a profit

Regardless of what  you’re selling, it is important that you know how to make it profitable!  This doesn’t guarantee it will sell.  When you sell the item, you’ll definitely make a profit.

This tutorial shows people how to cost a project out for any type of craft project (jewelry, art, paintings, needlework) so that they will realize what they’re actually making per hour. This video is offered as a supplement to continuing education classes that are being taught where the student needs to learn how much (or how little) they are making. This can be done with a calculator…one needs to have an understanding of logic and math principles to do this.

This means understanding all the costs involved including materials, time, travel time/cost, time to sell. Not all factors are included – you will have to consider marketing costs, hiring of others to sell your item, commissions that may be paid, entry fees to art festivals, and much more. Many artisans do this for the love of their craft and the joy they get from meeting others who appreciate their crafts.


Combine files in Word 2010, 2007, 2013


Word:  combine several files into one file

Goal:  you are applying for a job, they only want ONE file in a PDF format.   They have requested a cover letter, resume, list of references, and a sample of your work.  Learn how to combine all these files into one document.  Make sure you know what folder(s) all the files are in, their names.  Insert the file in a subsequent fashion at the bottom of each page.

Customize Your PowerPoint presentation

Many of you know how to do the basics with PowerPoint….done in 2010, this will help those with PowerPoint 2007 and 2013.  This video tutorial discusss the slide master, backgrounds, and more.


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