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take weight off! – Liquify filter in Photoshop Elements 13

If you need to take off some weight in a photo, the Liquify filter is very helpful. It is in Elements 13 and is a very useful tool to use. This video shows how to perform this. Make sure you are patient when doing this. It also works best when there is NO background. if there is a background like a fence or a tree, that part of the image may become distorted.

Intro to Photoshop Elements 13

This video goes over a few of the basics with Elements 13, discussing the tabs at the top of the screen. You’ll get to see a few of the features. In addition, they work with social networking so that you can load an image up to facebook. This video is 11 minutes long…you won’t be an expert watching this yet will discover its many powerful features.

You can get a free 30 day trial of the program at

Creating a business page in facebook in 30 minutes or less

Many businesses now have a facebook page where they can share information such as promotions, helpful information (how to use product) with their customers or those who “like” them. If you have a personal page, you can set one up in about a half hour. The friends on the personal page are totally different than the likes on your business page. Of course, invite your friends to go to the business page.

This video tutorial will explain the core basics of setting one up.

Excel – combination vlookup & hlookup

Done in Excel 2013, (should work with previous versions), this shows how to do a look up of data stored in a grid. The example shows days of the week and seminars offered with #s of attendees.

In addition, learn a shortcut to name ranges and data validation using predetermined lists.  The example shown is a small one yet can be used for large grids of data.


Adding rounded values with a “correct” total in Excel

In this demo, learn how to add rounded values.  This way when #s have less decimal pts, the #s will add up to the value of these #s.

Access 2013 – creating a database

This shows you how to create a database table in Access 2013.  There are some slight changes in the updated version which are mentioned in this tutorial.


Excel – Trim function – get rid of excess spaces

Done in version 2013, this will work with previous versions.  This is a great way to deal with a data dump where you have a lot of text with too many spaces in between.  A few other tips are also shown on how to sort it with the text to columns feature, copy/paste as only values.



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