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Excel 2013 – circular references, PMT, IF, VLOOKUP

This 11 minutes video covers a lot of territory…make sure you hit the pause button.  This also works with earlier versions of Excel.

Set “Save” default location in Office 2013

By default, Office 2013 goes to the cloud…that’s great if you want to share with others. However, if you want files to go to your hard drive such as My Documents, this quick tutorial shows you how….this works with Excel, Word, PowerPoint 2013

Excel – filter data and create subtotals

This video is very useful when working with large spreadsheets (lots and lots of data!).   You can filter it down to any category or date.  In addition, learn how to do subtotals….this is great if you need to know how much each sales rep earned.


100 Amazing Computer Tips

I wish I wrote this book, but I didn’t.  Anyhow, it’s great for the novice, slightly experienced or even someone like me who teaches and is always looking for something new.

You can buy the book in print or as an ebook.  100amazing

If you live in Sarasota, FL, you may wish to check out the classes that she teaches there.


make Word work for you

A few tips to help with Word – works with all versions!  Highlighting/selecting text can sometimes be a pain, these shortcuts will make life easier…stuff I thought EVERYONE knew!  I’ve taught basic and intermediate classes…very often the intermediate students are thrilled to learn them:

highlight a word:  double click on it

highlight a paragraph:  triple click in it

highlight a sentence:  put your mouse inside the sentence, hold down control key and left click.

highlight entire document to adjust spacing, font size, color, etc:  CTRL + A (selects all).  (command A on the Mac)

highlight a single line in a paragraph:  put mouse to the left of the line, you get a right pointing arrow.  click once.

highlight multiple ranges in a document:  select first range of text.  Hold down CTRL key and highlight second range.  Repeat this step.

Excel Essentials to keep (or get promoted at) your job!

This link is very helpful for those who know the basics of Excel.  There are so many additional features that you need to know that this link will help you.

Some of the many topics include the basics like sum, average.  etc.  However, it includes some functions that I forgot about which include LEN, TRIM, RIGHT, LEFT, MID, VLOOKUP, IF, SUMIF, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF, CONCATENATE.  If you don’t know what they mean, check this out…instructions are very well written!

Conditional formatting in Excel 2013

The video is demo’d in Excel 2013 yet will work with 2010 and 2007.  Conditional formatting  allows the user to change the appearance of cells if they meet a specific condition – i.e. top 10 in a range will appear bright green.  As a bonus, this video also shows you how to toggle it on/off with a very simple step.  This way you can look at the information without being distracted by the color(s) being displayed.


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